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About me

Software Builder , more of a hacker than a coder always looking for lateral ideas that can help me solve my domain problems. 

Have been drifting for 50 years and suddenly i realised that i can steer my ship provided i build a rudder that's big and strong enough to help me sail in rough weather. The rudder is a work in progress and once it is ready i will set a destination. 


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Earnings = Income - Expences .

Wait a minute i, I always believed that what i spent was from what i earned right ? wrong !!! When you spent it it is no longer your earned money, its spent money, an expense.. now economics wise this is wrong i know but just take my word that to achieve financial happiness you need to have the ability to not spend.. This works in two ways, it will help you to save when you do earn and also help you when earnings are down by ensuring that your cash goes a long way.  Every body knows that you cannot spend money that you don't have , well in today's credit hungry world this is easy to forget. the credit card seems like a good friend till you spend and cannot pay all of it back. the Credit Card will just becomes a cash guzzling monster.  Any debt that is incurred to feed an expense is generally a monster that will soon swallow any reserves that you may have. Note the word expense. So debt is a four letter word to avoid ? No !!  A debt taken to create an asset and partly funded by

A happy you needs the support of financial security.

W hile money  can buy a lot of things that you need or want , financial security ensures that your needs will always be met within reasonable boundaries.  So how do you create a financial security for a happy you.. Step 2/5 A happy you needs the confidence of having a financially security. Create a list of your needs , the bare minimum without savings or any other expenses that you can avoid. this list is your minimum requirement when you are living as a poor person with zero income. the costs associated with this list is what you need to keep spending every month to keep alive. keep your accounts for a couple of months to find what you missed will creating this list.  Keep a list of security expenses like insurance , medical expenses children's fees and other costs associated with their education and healthy upkeep.  now make a list of your bare minimum luxuries that you would like to enjoy and remember that enjoyment that is hard earned is well enjoyed. Make a li

Get ready to welcome a happy you in the future.

Every one is looking for happiness, but its always in the future and it seems that most are lost trying to find it. So how do i create a roadmap to meet a future happy me from the one sitting here wondering where he is ? Step 1 /5 A Healthy you can enjoy a happy you.... Wake up at a convenient time, not at a time when you have to rush through your morning routines a relaxed morning is the best way to make sure the day ahead is anticipated not rushed into. Observe yourself eat. find out when and how much you eat, this is the first step that will allow you to know your diet. only an energetic you can be happy. dont chuck out the energy along with the weight. it will only make you miserable. Make a list of the activities that you have to do in a day , can you fit in a workout into the activity ? i started by doing my bed , takes 5 minutes of my time and helps me loose a few calories while helping out at home. get the milk instead of having it delivered , the fresh morning